Green Rentals

At Edisto Beach Condos we care about the environment.   That's why we've outfitted one of our condos with green materials. 

Renewable bamboo flooring covers the entire main living area.  Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth which also makes it one of the most renewable.  And not only is it great for the environment, it also looks great!  

Environmentally friendly furniture:

We've updated our Edisto Beach condos with trendy Ikea furniture, lighting and accessories.  It looks great, it's comfortable and most importantly it's good for the environment.

From the Ikea website:

"IKEA works to ensure that products and materials are adapted to minimise any negative impact on the environment, and are safe for customers from a health perspective. As part of our business idea, we insist on keeping costs low and always try to use resources wisely when designing our products. We strive to use renewable and recyclable materials in our products."

Whenever possible, we use low voltage CFL and halogen light bulbs.  This conserves energy and eliminates the hassel of burned out bulbs.